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In January 2017, I will be releasing a 3-part video training all about developing number sense for Kindergarten through 2nd grade.The training will start with uncovering those early number concepts that students *should* have before they enter school (yet we all know they sometimes don't).Then we will investigate the 4 number relationships that keep kids from becoming fluent mathematicians.The last video will give you some quick & easy tips on implementing the ideas into your {already packed} math time.If you are interested in this training, just click the button below.You will be signed up to be notified when the videos are ready.


Most Requested Trainings

Building Number Sense for Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade

Do you have students counting on their fingers to add? What those students lack is number sense. Number sense can't be taught, it has to be experienced. So have your staff experience activities involving a MathRack (aka Rekenrek), number path, and subitizing that will help develop your students' number sense and their ability to add and subtract flexibly and fluently

Addition Fact Fluency

In this workshop, your teachers will see how some addition facts carry more “weight” and how they can use those to help their students become fluent with all facts. Activities to build these four types of facts (Doubles, +0, Make a 10, and 10 + something) will be presented and the participants will also do activities that focus on developing the number sense students need in order to make the connections between facts they know and the facts they do not know.

Moving from Procedural to Conceptual Teaching

Building students’ conceptual understanding in mathematics is essential to helping them become competent and confident problem solvers.  But how do we build it in our students if we were only ever taught the traditional procedures? If you were only ever taught the traditional procedures of math and are now finding it difficult to build your students’ conceptual understandings,  learn from a ‘recovering traditionalist,’ about how she went from teaching only the procedures in math to helping build students’ conceptual understandings. 


You can also see Christina present:

April 4, 2016   Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development in Atlanta, GA  access the download

April 14, 2016   National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Annual Conference in San Fransisco, CA access the download

July 21, 2016   SDE's Singapore Math Strategies National Conference in Las Vegas, NV  Use Discount Code PR10 to get 10% off your registration for this conference

August 15-17, 2016 (yup, that's 3 whole days with me!!!)   Building Math Minds Through Story Problems & Number Sense in Waltham, MA

November 4, 2016   National Association for the Education of Young Children Annual Conference in Los Angeles, CA access the download

April 2017   National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Annual Conference in San Antonio, TX

July 2017   Greg Tang's 4th Annual MATH PLUS Conference  in Kansas City, MO

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